Our new forum!

Our new forum!

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Alright, here is my first attempt to make a forum of my own! Ed...you said it was easy and so it was! Except for one thing...I don't know how to add a description of the forum, but I'll add that too in good time!

Anyway this is where everyone can come and post tablature and chords and questions about that stuff. So, this should make getting tabs maybe easier and funner. Because then we can argue about who's chord is right and who's way of playing Starship Trooper is right! And maybe I can get the chords posted to Turn of the Century!


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Hope this works very well!!!
Just a suggestion: put a column like the others forums with the number of views...

(1/24/01 1:42:28 pm)
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...? I think there is a column in now...I didn't do it but I see one there at my end.

Renato, thanx for keeping me inline. Sometimes I just need someone to wake me up every once and awhile.

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