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King Crimson's Lizard

King Crimson's Lizard

Postby thehallway » Mon Apr 12, 2010 2:47 pm

Just thought I'd start a little thread here about my latest purchase: Lizard by King Crimson.
I am loving this album, there's so much to explore. Most of the songs are constructed on simple riffs or sequences; yet they carry the mood and feel so well. And each tune is carefully decorated with quirky brass and woodwind, or tinklly piano and synthesizer. Boy can these guys improvise!

The 23 minute title track is the best though. In particular, Jon Anderson's guest vocals on "Prince Rupert Awakes". He really adds something with his then-young voice, and it reminded me of Beniot, still being treated as a guest in the current Yes line-up, yet filling in the most important gap. Anyway I wont go on about that, but if you haven't already heard this record (I'm sure most of you connoisseurs have anyway!), then give it a listen. The more King Crimson I hear, the more I understand Bill Bruford's reasoning for leaving Yes.

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Re: King Crimson's Lizard

Postby tardistraveler » Tue Apr 13, 2010 9:59 pm

I understand as well - KC seems more suited to Bruford's style. I love both Yes and KC.

I remember hearing Lizard for the first time while in college - a friend had it and I HAD to hear it when I found out Jon was a guest vocalist! An excellent album, for sure.

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