Ed . . . beautiful . . . Thanks!

Ed . . . beautiful . . . Thanks!

Postby YEStalk Archives » Fri Feb 09, 2001 11:53 am

(1/18/01 11:34:01 pm)
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I had considered getting on your ass visa lack of Yestalk visuals, but kudos anyway. I feel like posting anti-Wakeman screeds to these gorgeous backgrounds immediately!
Uh, I don't think Rick was all that and a bag of chips; discuss amongst yerselves.

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Ed Schaum
(1/19/01 9:01:13 am)
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Hey prof....

Even the simplest things seem so much nicer from the outside, yes? (inside joke, folks).

It's funny, when I first started making sites in '96, it was important to put as many graphics and doodads as possible on pages so that they were interesting.

Then, it seemed like the most professional sites all had plain white backgrounds and minimal graphics, so the sparse look was the way to go.

Seryn has been on my case for a while to fix this place up (she's right), so I took some time the other day and did a few things.

I just bought Paint Shop Pro 7, and it's a lot nicer than the older graphics programs. I whipped up the ctted colored letters in just a few seconds, and am in the middle of working on a new logo design. Hopefully I'll finish it over the weekend.

And next time you consider getting on my ass about something I should be doing.....DO IT. Sometimes I need to be reminded that I've been slacking off.

Now, about those Rick comments

(1/20/01 9:06:11 pm)
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Ed, this is really nice. A real visual surprise. thanks,Marty.

(1/22/01 12:51:51 pm)
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Re: ED
Yep, it makes Yestalk not only intellectually stimulating, but visually as well! Yay!

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