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Kalingzeye wrote:John, looks like you found a great place! 'Happy you're here. YEStalk is awesome. (Cool old thread, too...) :eek:

& DUUUUDE, if it wasn't for YEStalk, I probably would have gone crazy by now. It seems really hard to find a YESfan anywhere near me to talk to, lol. One of these days I just know I'll be walkin down the street in my Jon tour shit and I'll pass someone with a Fragile shirt or something and it will be all hugs, but until then, I'll always have YEStalk... ;) <3 So far, I've known a few people who were fans- my dad, my uncle, one of my dad's coworkers, my bass teacher, and a few of my school teachers- but now I'm in college and don't have ANY of them! D: I mean, what's a poor lonely YESfan to DO? *weeps*
Ohgod, I love you guys... :p

Ditto to that Kalingzeye!!! until I found YEStalk i really thought i was the only 19 year old kid who freakin' loved YES, but i was wrong there are 2 of us :D I think it is crazy when you think about it how we both love yes, anime, drawing, playing bass, and are the same age... crazy, but awesome! I love YEStalk and everyone here!!!!!!!!
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