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Postby massos » Wed Jun 27, 2001 5:23 pm

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<font color=blue>It' good to know that not all men are grunting, slobbering Neanderthal cavemen, and that there <i>are</i> highly sensitive members of the opposite sex lurking out there in the world...Now if only my hubby could learn a thing or two more from all you gentlemen, He's starting to come around, though. I'm his first real love, and he does'nt quite know how to show it, so I got on his ass about it, and he's beginning to get it, but he still needs a lot of work... </font id=blue>
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We men find it so hard to tell someone we love them. Its somehow easy to tell your children that, and I do lots, but not so easy to tell my wife even though I do love her just as much. My mother is about to finally succumb from many years of fighting parkinsons desease and the last time we visited my wife said you never tell your mum you love her and pretty soon you wont have the oppertunity to do so. I thought long and hard about that and now call her every day just to tell her that.

So tell that hubby of yours to let you know exactly how he feels
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Postby Squire*Fan725 » Thu Jun 28, 2001 1:32 am

<font color=blue>I DO, everyday. When I said that I got his ass about it, I <i>meant</i> it! I got sick of the lack of affection, and told him exactly how I felt, too. Hell, I was tempted to threaten him with <u>leaving</u>, but it has'nt come to that. Not yet, anyway..(j/k) </font id=blue>

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