A Day In The Life Of....

A Day In The Life Of....

Postby moorglademovers » Fri Nov 10, 2006 3:23 pm

...Me, Moorglademover Courier Services.
Got a phone call early tuesday morning, 0600.
Could i pick up a package and deliver it to somewhere
near Grimsby. Yup!
Went to pick it up from a depot near Birmingham and
they'd lost the paperwork! Without the paperwork, impossible
to locate the package... After finding the paperwork, 0845. I handed
it to the warehouseman who then went in search of the goods.
Coming back half an hour later saying he couldn't find the
package, my eyebrow twitched!
0920 the warehouse boss came out and took the paperwork
to see if he could find the package. He disappeared into the bowels
of the warehouse just as someone came round another corner with
my parcel.
20 minutes later my paperwork comes back round the same corner
my package did 20 minutes previously!
On my way now.
Stay with me.
Easy run, M42, M1, M18, M180. On the way up. Came back scenic
route, no rush!
Got home at about 1600(4pm), grabbed a cup of tea and went and sat
at the computer at about 1630. Looked out of the window and saw 6-7
kids on the wall opposite. There is a fairley busy road between our house
and the wall opposite. These kids, or one in particular saw it in himself
to thrwo a rock at a passing van. The stone bounced off the roof.
He then bent down and picked a five foot branch and hurled that
into the road. I shouted to Pat to phone the police and i was down the
stairs out the door and legged it across the road, narrowly missing being
hit by a car that had to swerve to avoid the branch in the road. Up the wall
the other side, which has a gate in it, and after the ne who did the deed.
Got him. His mates knew they'd screwed up, and so did the one i'd got
my hands on.
Dragged him back to our house while Pats still on the phone to the police.
This, boy, would not under any circumstances come in the house to
keep warm. I wasn't gonna force him. So we stood on the front of the house
waiting for the police to turn up.
Half an hour later, Pat phoned 'em again to see what was going on, and it was
suggested we would run him round home, he lived about amile away.
I relished this! I wanted to see what his parents thought of his little
So we did. His mom wasn't pleased!
I gotto explain. I'm a driver, been driving lorries and vans for 12 years now
and I have seen a lot of deaths and carnage on the roads. I've seen the result
of something being hurled through a windscreen and the drivers lost control.
Which made it all the more unbelieveable how calm and collected and MINDFUL
of what I was doing when I'd grabbed this kid and 'detained' him at my house.
1800, the police turned up.
After taking notes, NOT a statement, we had a chat. I expressed my 'concerns'
of a possibility of 'repurcussions' on my part. Civil action by the kids parents
is what i was trying to tell him.
He said, "Not on my bloody patch. You did quite right in doing what you did
and I'm going to see that this young man will get a visit from an unimpressed
police officer!"
They left at 1845.
I had my tea and went back to my computer.
Wednesday I didn't work

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