Yes Music Awards Ceremony... Welcome to the show!

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Yes Music Awards Ceremony... Welcome to the show!

Postby topographic_drama1980 » Fri Dec 11, 2009 2:35 am

I say, screw the Rock And Roll Of Fame! Yes is already in a Hall Of Fame. In quite a few, actually, including here at YesTalk, yesfans, and so on and so on. I thought it would be different if we all gave a nice little personal award ceremony to commend the band and it's current and former members for all of their endeavours and contributions to this magical, mystical rock n' roll band we all know as YES! Welcome to the show, everybody! I'm your host, Josh! (crowd cheers) :D Oh, come on, please! (crowd roars) Oh, you guys are too much. LOL

You can do the awards any way you like, there are no rules!

I'd like to present some awards of my own. Here goes:

BEST ALBUM: It would have to be TALES FROM TOPOGRAPHIC OCEANS for me. I just love how the album flows. It's a masterpiece. It's an adventure!

BEST SONG: OK, I know this doesn't make any sense, but my absolute favorite Yessong is "The Gates Of Delirium," even though TALES is my favorite album. The song is based on the book War And Peace and it tells a great and powerful story of war and and the aftermath of it. If only there would've been a 5th side. "Ritual" would come right behind this song as a fave of mine.

BEST ALBUM COVER: TALES FROM TOPOGRAPHIC OCEANS. It's a very mesmerizing cover, so much so that I can't listen to the album without gazing at the cover. That's one of the best things about Roger Dean's art, it also helps to tell the story.

BEST OVERALL BAND MEMBER: I know most of us have our favorite members of Yes. Mine is definitely Chris Squire. He is the best bassist on the planet. His sound, style, all his own. Making the bass not just a melodic instrument, but also a lead instrument, nobody else does it quite like him. He seems like a very down-to-earth guy and has a great sense of humor.

BEST KEYBOARD PLAYER: The band has had a few keyboard players throughout its history and I must say that the best has been none other than Rick Wakeman! He's got a great playing style. Sometimes he has a tendency to overdo it a bit, but that's only because he can and I don't feel that it takes anything away from the music. Whether it be Hammond Organ, Minimoog, Polymoog, Mellotron, piano, or various synths, this man rules them all with an iron fist... and an iron cape!!!

BEST GUITARIST: Steve Howe, hands down! He's the only guitarist I know of who paint pictures with so many different sounds from so many different stringed instruments: guitars (electric and acoustic), mandolins, kotos, pedal steel guitars, etc. Nobody else has a style and such urgency in their playing as much as Steve does.

BEST DRUMMER: I know there have been various White vs. Bruford discussions/arguments for as long as this man has been with the band, but this award goes to Alan White. He gives the music lots of power and energy and knows when to play and when not to play. I know he's more of a rock drummer than Bruford, but Yes, after all, is a rock band and so much more. His playing on Relayer is nothing short of brilliant. He knows when to be gentle and knows when to beat the living daylights out of his drums.

BEST STAGE SET: The In-The-Round stage set-up. They were the first band do it and it also helped them to sell more concert tickets and sell out more arenas in the process. I wish I could've been there to see it!!! Runner-up would be the TFTO tour set-up.

This is all I have for the moment and I will be taking a little break. What would you all like to add to this ceremony? Don't be shy! :cool:
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Re: Yes Music Awards Ceremony... Welcome to the show!

Postby tardistraveler » Fri Dec 11, 2009 6:02 pm

I think everyone is going to have different opinions here of the "best" . . . lol . . .

Fun thread! Here's my thoughts . . .

BEST ALBUM: For me, it has to be Close to the Edge. Strong, perfect songs, that mesh together seamlessly, and epitomize everything that 70's-era Yes was about.

BEST SONG: My favorite song is Heart of the Sunrise. It showcases everyone's talents perfectly, and pulls them all together into that Yes sound. Plus, it brings tears every time I hear it . . . what can I say?

BEST ALBUM COVER: TALES FROM TOPOGRAPHIC OCEANS. Ditto - my personal favorite - SO much there to intrigue the mind . . . Runner-up would probably be Relayer . . .

BEST STAGE SET: Tales tour, hands down . . . Wow!

I'll decline to vote in the "Best Member" categories . . . Yes has always had top-caliber musicians - no slouches in the bunch. Anything else just boils down to personal preference . . . :)

Here's some other categories . . .

BEST LIVE PERFORMANCE: Tales tour, Atlanta, February, 1974. Totally perfect. They performed ALL of CTTE and ALL of Tales, capping off with Roundabout. Lots of funny interplay between Jon and Rick (it was early in the tour - lol), including Rick's playing "Rachmaninoff's Concerto in B Flat Minor" while drinking a pint of beer. He played a weird note during CTTE that I hear in my head until this day. Someone stole his cape at the end of the show! Totally memorable, and they were SO on!

BEST STAGE COSTUME: HAS to be Chris' backgammon suit! :D

BEST LIGHTING EFFECT: Solos tour - LASERS!!! FANtastic!!!

BEST SOUND EFFECT: The reverb they did during the Tormato tour on Jon's vocals . . . I still hear in my head Jon singing HOTS "sharp . . . (echo) sharp . . . . sharp . . . sharp . . ." . . . totally cool effect!

BEST EPIC LIVE: Ritual . . . it's so good it makes you cry . . .

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Re: Yes Music Awards Ceremony... Welcome to the show!

Postby thehallway » Fri Dec 11, 2009 7:08 pm

Great fun doing this!

BEST ALBUM: Another vote for CTTE here. It's not just my favourite Yes album, but my favourite album ever!

BEST SONG: Anything over 20 minutes? LOL (or CTTE/Awaken) I'l never make a decision.

BEST ALBUM COVER: Relayer is very cool, but I'l go with Fragile for because its so dynamic.

BEST MEMBER: Jon Anderson, for the way he creates such wonderful, life-changing music and lyrics from inside his head, without needing to be AMAZING at any particular instrument.

BEST LIVE PERFORMANCE: Not sure, never seen the band myself :( :( :(

BEST LIVE SONG: Ritual (for epicness and drive) or And You And I (for emotion)

And my own;

MOST SKILLED MUSICIAN: Steve Howe for reaching those speeds without sacrificing quality or beauty

BEST "MOMENT": When the chanting of RSOG reaches its climax and we enter the world of the Tales From Topographic Oceans with that fantastic main theme. Its orgasmic!

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