Back to the Future!

Back to the Future!

Postby Ash » Wed Mar 19, 2008 3:19 pm

Hi all,
I have the good fortune to work in an academic library, and a student here, for reasons best not gone into, has requested from our archives a complete run of the magazine Radio Times from 1970 to 1985.
I should probably explain that the Radio Times was, and is, a weekly TV listings magazine originally published by the BBC but now semi-independent. I still buy it every week!

I well remember seeing Yes several times on the UK Tour of 1975, twice in Leicester, and once each in once each in Newcastle and Manchester. I also went along to the QPR show, and then in August when they headlined the Reading Festival (boy, was it muddy! 5 of us travelling back to Leicester caked in evil-smelling mud in a cramped Hillman Imp.....happy days!)

My memories of the QPR show are a bit thin to be honest; apart from it being 33 years ago (Eeeeek!), I had, at the time, only recently discovered the seductive alure of cheap wine........I prefer more expensive wine these days, and only red.
What I do remember vividly, however, falling between the end of the UK Tour proper and the Reading show, was the broadcast by the BBC of the second half of the QPR show as the final edition of the summer series of The Old Grey Whistle Test. And I have the relevant page of the Radio Times open in front of me. Not a glossy at the time, the paper is of newsprint quality, and is showing its age.

Saturday July 26th, 1975
On BBC2 at 11.10pm: The Old Grey Whistle Test
"The last in the present series features Yes at QPR. Highlights from their concert at the Queen's Park Rangers' football ground on 10 May 19752

The programme director was Tom Corcoran, and the producer was Michael Appleton.

There is a b/w picture of Steve Howe in frenzy mode, playing what looks like his 335 (definitely not the 175; this pictured axe is a pale-top semi) in the top right quarter of the page. The tag to the photo is "Yes! It's Steve Howe at QPR in The Old Grey Whistle Test 11.10".

They only showed the second half of the show; if I remember correctly, we joined proceedings during Long Distance Runaround, and it ran on to the end of Sweet Dreams. I don't remember Your is no Disgrace at all. And to be honest I can't remember that being played at any of the shows on that tour that I was at.

And that's about it. I took me half an hour to track down the right volume of this thing, and it's actually a bit of a thrill to be looking at it again all those years ago.
I remember having to persuade my parents to let me watch it, they weren't keen.......

All in all, a bit geeky, but what the hell, it's what nostalgia is for!

Best wishes,
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