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Conspiracy II

Conspiracy II

Postby hennie552001 » Wed Apr 17, 2002 8:56 pm

I found this on Henry Potts' excellent Yes-gossip page...Henry is said to be quite reliable



Work continues on 'Conspiracy II', a second album from the Squire and Billy Sherwood collaboration‹the project was reported to be about 80% completed in Mar 2002 by Sherwood's webpage. Tracks include "Don't Fear the Unknown", for which Squire (bass) and Jay Schellen (drums) recorded parts in Jan, a piece originally intended for Sherwood's The Unknown project. Alan White is alsoinvolved, with the project to be finished this year. Squire and Sherwood previously expressed the hope of continuing to record with a variety of guest musicians. Some time back, Squire said, "we're hoping in the future we might maybe even get Trevor Rabin involved" (also see quote from Sherwood). Squire and Sherwood have been in discussions for a US Conspiracy tour. While the form of any touring plans is unknown, back in Nov, White suggested that a Conspiracy tour with Rabin is a possibility. Squire and White also joined Sherwood on a version of "Comfortably Numb" for a Pink Floyd tribute album‹details under Billy Sherwood.

My only comment would be: Chris, you have no time for this.

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Postby Ed1909 » Thu Apr 18, 2002 3:35 am

If Conspiracy 2 is a hundred times better than Conpiracy, it will be adequate.

I think I said on a Conspiracy thread some months ago that it sounds like a CD full of OYE rejects (Violet purple Rose being one redeeming feature)

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Postby perpetualchanger » Thu Apr 18, 2002 5:59 am

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<b>Ed1909 wrote:</b>
I think I said on a Conspiracy thread some months ago that it sounds like a CD full of OYE rejects (Violet purple Rose being one redeeming feature)

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I'll second that. The More We Live/Let Go was an embarrassment. I couldn't even listen to the rest of the samples after that; never even bothered to buy it.

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Postby yesfan37 » Thu Apr 18, 2002 6:32 am

No one here liked it?


I thought "open your eyes" would have worked better as a Conspiracy album.

I know if they did tour all you Squire fans would be there!

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Postby Yessong » Thu Apr 18, 2002 10:37 pm

I don't know the thought of a tour featuring Squire, White, Rabin and Sherwood makes me a little nervous about the possibility of creating bad blood with Jon and Steve. Could this be a possible "Plan B" for Squire/White if Yes decides to call it quits?

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Postby psychopomp95 » Fri Apr 19, 2002 4:13 am

Geeeeez, if THAT creates bad blood with Jon and Steve, I'm not sure I'd want to work with them if I was in Squire and White's shoes!
If they toured those four using the Yes name, I'm sure it WOULD create bad blood (justifiably so, IMO)! But if they just tour as Conspiracy to PLAY together with Rabin and Sherwood, I'm sorry, Jon and Steve would have to be very 'musically jealous' to get angry over something like that! I don't think they'd react that way.
What happened to being able to play with who you want to play with? <img src=pix/icon_smile_tongue.gif border=0 align=middle> And I wouldn't blame Squire and White for wanting a possible 'plan B'; they should all have something in mind!

Now I wonder what the reaction would be if they got those four AND, say, Jon or Rick (but not necessarily under the Yes name)? <img src=pix/salook.gif border=0 align=middle> Might create some interesting discussion!

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