Postby Yessong » Wed Apr 25, 2001 3:53 am

Anyone know what style of logo will be used? - LikeYESSHOWS? or more like The Ladder?

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Postby Ed Schaum » Fri May 18, 2001 10:29 pm

I'm not sure, I haven't heard anything about it.

Hopefully, it won't look like a bird, a clam and a broccoli though.
Ed Schaum

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Postby khalpin » Fri May 18, 2001 10:39 pm

I hated that Talk logo.

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Postby IngnoZac » Sun May 20, 2001 11:50 pm

Talk logo was bad but 90125 was worse...
The new one is like the "return" but the if they're returning to their old "sound" they could use the good old logo. This one: <img src=pix/icon_smile_angry.gif border=0 align=middle>


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