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A meeting place for musicians who like to play YES music. Consider yourself in the right place if you're looking for YES tabs, pointers and technique. It's all right here.
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Sheet music

Post: # 99894Post child-of-the-light
Sat Oct 14, 2006 9:40 pm

Hey, I havnt been on in a while.
Anyone know a good website where I might find some Yes, or any other, sheet music?
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Post: # 99930Post khalpin
Mon Oct 16, 2006 1:08 pm

You have to register and get the software, but it's free and most of the tabs are very good, unlike most sites.

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Terry Shea
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Post: # 99952Post Terry Shea
Tue Oct 17, 2006 12:02 am

Not sure exactly what you're looking for, but this should get you started in the right direction:

Here's a quick synopsis of the first 3 items on the page:

Yes: Fragile has just been released and has gotten excellent reviews. I don't yet own it so I can't vouch for it.

Yes Complete Deluxe Edition: I own this one and it pretty much sucks. Bad chord phrasings, wrong chords altogether, simplistic arrangements and most of the instrumental sections are missing. Other than that it's pretty good.

Yes: Guitar Anthology Series: I don't own this one either, but it too has gotten great reviews. The problem is it only contains 11 songs and that includes obscurites such as Money and Montreux's Theme. It also contains 2 songs from Fragile, meaning there isn't a lot of relevant material that can't be found elsewhere.

Here's a link to Steve Howe: Guitar Pieces In Tablature

I owned the older version of this which didn't contain Tab and it pretty much sucked too. This version has added tablature and has gotten good reviews although it is apparently still not perfect.

Hope this helps.
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Post: # 101095Post poodeeo
Sat Dec 30, 2006 8:25 pm

Anybody have the current URL for Ed's "Guitarist's Complete Guide..."?

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