Six Degrees of Jon Anderson, pt.2

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Post: # 33898Post Silent_wings
Sat Nov 09, 2002 9:08 am

Bruce Kulick was in Kiss with Gene Simmons
Bob Kulick, Bruce's brother Produced, along with Billy Sherwood,
An All Star Lineup Performing The Songs Of Pink Floyd
Billy --Yes-- Jon

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Wed Nov 13, 2002 9:45 am

Not the one I was thinking, but close enough.

Gene Simmons -> Bruce Kulick

Kulick played with Blackjack (a metal band featuring a singer named Michael Bolotin, who would one day change the spelling of his last name and make a mint singing other people's songs...), who were produced by Eddie Offord.

Bruce Kulick -> Eddie Offord

Of course, Offord also produced Yes.

Eddie Offord -> Yes/Jon Anderson

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