Jon spencer Blues Explosion!

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Jon spencer Blues Explosion!

Post: # 3951Post Yogi_Bear
Thu Mar 18, 2004 10:11 am

Raw Rock n' roll riffs with wild blues and funk grooves.
The perfect mixture for a killer sound.they sound amazing live, their rock n' roll is totally raw and agressive, wich remember's me of some of rock n roll most impressive bands like The rolling stones, The Velvet Underground, Grand Funk Railroad, The stooges, Alice Cooper, The who , Dr.feelgood, Cream...the list goes on and on.
As a songwriter Jon is really impressive, he has made some collaborations for some other fellow musicians.
I totally recomend this band.
If you don't know them very well and want to 'taste'their sound, try one of these albums:
- Orange(listen to a song called : "Dang" really dirty)
- Plastic fang(this is the most recent effort of the band, really seductive, has great moments in songs like ;"Hold on" , "Mean Heart", "Sweet n'sour" and "Money Rock n'Roll".)

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