Syn-related Virtual Band Project - Ed Shaum Connection, too!

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Syn-related Virtual Band Project - Ed Shaum Connection, too!

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Sun Mar 09, 2008 5:29 pm

I was directly inspired to suggest this project to Steve Nardelli from my long-time admiration of Ed Shaum's original virtual band project done with far less sophisticated technology than we have at our disposal today. It is turning into rather a big deal and I invite this forum - and Ed himself - to follow it along.


:) Steve S-N

Steve Sikes-Nova
Executive Producer
14 Hour Technicolour Dream: The Virtual Band Project

*Release Source: Umbrello Music Entertainment


14 Hour Technicolour Dream: The Virtual Band
Another Cutting-Edge Music Project sponsored by Steve Nardelli (The Syn)

March 2, 2008 — As a founding member of the classic British ‘60s psych band The Syn - which has undergone a rebirth as a “prog modernist” band in the new millennium - Steve Nardelli has shown himself to be a true innovator on many different levels. Not only does The Syn have a brand new CD entitled Big Sky in the works for 2008 with a new core lineup consisting of Naredelli, Francis Dunnery (It Bites; The Robert Plant Band) and Tom Brislin (keyboardist for the Yes: Symphonic Tour; Meatloaf, Debbie Harry, and his own band Spiraling), but Nardelli has another unique Web 2.0 project underway as well: 14 Hour Technicolour Dream: The Virtual Band

This project takes its name both from The Syn’s classic freakbeat song ( and from the Yahoo! Group of the same name which has supported The Syn’s revival and has been the band’s official discussion forum since 2005 ( ). Steve Nardelli himself is an active member of this lively group of progressive music fans and musicians.

This ambitious, ongoing project features the talents of many individual musicians working together—virtually—from locations throughout the USA. Participants signed on so far include both Umbrello Records recording artists Kurt Michaels
( ; ) and Anton Roolaart (; ); Pittsburgh-based indie musician/producer Kevin Still (; the California-based indie band The Tomorrowes (, and southeastern (Tidewater) Virginia-based 14HRTD: TVBand Project Executive Producer, Webcaster/Music Interviewer and vocalist Steve Sikes-Nova. (; ).

14HRTD: TVB plans to have its first hitherto unreleased Nardelli-penned song ready for release around the same time that the new Syn CD Big Sky will be released worldwide.

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Senior Media Consultant
Umbrello Music Entertainment, LLC
London | New York
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