Your Top Prog Voices!

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Re: Your Top Prog Voices!

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Sat Feb 28, 2009 2:59 am

[quote="Roan's Lady"]And it can only be your top ten. Feel free to comment..

First I'd like to say: Thanks, for including so many fellow countrymen in your list. Four of the ones you've chosen are, or rather, originates from swedish families! Let's see if you can spot them? Okey, here's my Top Ten List:

- Pat Moran (of the early 70's English band Spring. A somewhat fragile but at the same time strong voice, that'll make you dream like you've never did to music...)
- Arthur Brown (The Crazy World of.., Kingdom Come, and more.. He sings about everything you'd ever wanted to be! And when you hear him you'll understand.)
- Chris Farlowe (Colosseum. This voice will never be copied - in a million years!)
- David Cousins (Strawbs. Harsh and grinding and yet beautifully sounding voice that will never leave you, once you've heard it.)
- Neil Morse (Wow! An Nu-progressive this high in the list!)
- Edgar Broughton (The Edgar Broughton Band. His voice reminds me of the ol' countryside; the tractor that never worked proper, the squeaking barn door, whatever! But it's home!)
- Dave Brock (Hawkwind. The darkest although sensitive thoughts and feelings expressed through voice..)
- Jon Anderson (for the presence, sensitivity and dreams he creates..)
- Ian Anderson (for the honesty, memories and EQ-presence he is)
- Mikael Åkerfeldt (Opeth. Not the strongest voice - but he can tell a story; both with growl and sweet harmonies..)

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