Yes Tribute@Classic Fest!Nelson's Ledges Quarry Park, 6-11/13th! Garretsville, OH

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Yes Tribute@Classic Fest!Nelson's Ledges Quarry Park, 6-11/13th! Garretsville, OH

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Sun Apr 11, 2010 3:38 pm

Thought this was worth mentioning as this is not only an awesome festival but they're going to have Yes tribute act Going For The One from Rochester NY performing! I looked these guys up on YouTube and musically they have the Yes sound of the classic period studio albums nailed. They focus on the big 3 (Fragile, Yes Album, CTTE, oddly nothing from GFTO) with America included. Though the singer doesn't exactly sound like Jon, he's got the same range and handles the parts well. Look them up on youtube you'll be impressed.

I went last year and tend to avoid the hippie fests but the lineup was too tantalizing to miss out on and I was far from disappointed. Some repeats this year that I saw last year were:

Kashmir -a SPOT on Zep tribute with a singer who you'd swear was Robert Plant circa 1973 from below the stage

Several Species - an awesome Floyd trib with full lasers capped off the musical festivities Saturday night

Ball and Chain - this bitch got Janis nailed. I'm not even a huge janis fan but these guys and gal blew me away. My buddy Mike poured her glasses of whiskey between songs last year and we felt like we were really backstage pouring Janis's whiskey hahaha. Good times

Limelight - AMAZING Rush tribute. Where in the HELL do you find somebody who's not Geddy Lee who sounds just like Geddy Lee? probably the best re-creation of the weekend, you'd close your eyes and swear it was Rush (well, maybe not to a diehard but to a casual fan like me they did the trick!)

This goes without mentioning Brittbeat (awesome Beatles trib apparently, I was in my tent napping during their set) and other tributes focusing on the Dead, hendrix, and the moody blues.

If you've never seen the grounds this is one amazing piece of land. Its the hugest campground Ive ever been to (at least a 15-20 minute walk from our tent to the main stage, but we did arrive late and were back in the cut pretty far) that can accomodate thousands of festival goers. They have the burn unit which does aerial shows between acts, and a HUGE beautiful and clean quarry to swim in with an island out in the middle. Its like paradise! You'll be standing on sand watching acts at the mainstage, so in a way it kind of feels like a huge beach party. This isnt some hippy drug party with the music as a side note either, the main stage is PACKED when the acts are on.

Dont think its just for whipper snappers either. There's people of all ages here including my soon to be old ass. Theres a whole area designated for families by the quarry so if you have young ones you can party and not worry about having your kids around people that might be having a little TOO much fun.

Overall its just a really awesome experience. 2 full days friday and saturday then sunday afternoon most everybody starts clearing out. The people are awesome. Lots of vending as far as wares and food. Dont expect to find mid-grade weed anywhere. :-D

Apparently the Ledges used to be way crazier but theres a stronger police presence so people are much better behaved (apparently it was WAY out of control in prior years as far as partying is concerned) but dont get me wrong everybody still gets down! If you're looking for a mini getaway this summer I'd totally reccomend it, especially since Yes is getting a little tribute love this year!

Seriously, I highly reccomend checking out They throw lots of other fun stuff too. I think instead of ravin' it up this summer Im gonna stick to this place. Just look at the pictures on the site and tell me this doesn't look like a good time!

Here's a pic of me (yes tye dye) and my friends mikey and rose from last summers.

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