The era of free music is upon us

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Re: The era of free music is upon us

Post: # 106135Post Kalingzeye
Thu Mar 13, 2008 6:35 pm

yesman90125 wrote:not only can they do it but they did do it(PERMANANT)
that amounts to 70 people per county in Wisconsin that are allowed to attend online schools there are nearly 2 million people in milwaukee county alone where this sort of persoal attention to a student is most needed
the news paper thing was shot down by a narrow margin
this has been a huge topic of debate here for days now
though you wont read about it in the papers because the papers were trying to do something similar. this has hardened my resolve to NOT vote for any Democrat-this was a prospeous and succesful state under republican state assembly and senate with a GREAT republican govenor (Tommy Thompson) now we are falling apart.thanks to Crazy liberal Ideas
that restrict everthing they can get their paws into-I doubt most liberals outside of the teachers union would have even supported this had it gone to a refferendum vote rather than quietly passing through the state legislature and being signed into law by our incompotent govenor(Jim Doyle-big time Obama supporter)
Dang. I don't really know what to say, that just really sucks and is beyond stupid. :\ Hopefully there will be enough pushing in Wisconsin to overturn it. I'd be REALLY pissed if they put up a law like that in PA- there are SO many kids who participate in both full-time and part-time online schooling, including myself over the summer semesters. That's just... I don't get it. You just CAN'T try to restrict the internet like that, I know it's something new and kinda scary (like we're all talking about in the "Free Music" thread) but you HAVE to let it evolve and flourish on its own. Yeah, some businesses or jobs might suffer, but SO many more are being created at the same time. It's just not fair. We barely even know what the internet is capable of doing for us, and trying to block it off now is just not the way to go. x_x

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Re: The era of free music is upon us

Post: # 106136Post yesman90125
Thu Mar 13, 2008 6:57 pm

I think overall the internet is a neutral entity it will destroy as many jobs as it creates opportunity-unfortunatly the majority of people will have to adjust especially as tech get better and gets into every aspect of our lives we are meerly on the doorstep wait until you cell phone, your computer, your game counsel, your radio, your Identification, the GPS systems, your cable tv's ,the roads and cars, everything will be integrated into the tech -world -wireless satalite controlled and even the electrical ,heating and cooling and plumbing systems in your house will be controlled from you personal computer system. the technology is allready here to do all those things PC's with more power than my computer are allready made in the size of a small desktop expandable lightbulb that projects the keyboard onto the table and is completely wireless.This is just a fact of the information age.

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