Is there a Special Album?

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Ed Schaum
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Is there a Special Album?

Post: # 133Post Ed Schaum
Tue Jul 24, 2001 3:33 am

Any word on a special copy of Magnification that's supposed to be available at the shows?

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Post: # 5560Post yesrushdt
Thu Jul 26, 2001 8:12 am

Any mention of the Magnification "Special Edition" was taken off the Yesworld news page. I hate to say it, but we may have to wait until September 11.:(

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Post: # 5562Post Altair
Thu Jul 26, 2001 9:45 am

Jon did mention they would have Magnification ready at some later shows Sunday night, in Reno. When, I don't know, and he didn't say.
I do remember much of the crowd yelling, "Tonight!"
They didn't even have shirts for sale! That's bizarre. Robin said they had been in Reno since the 4th of July. So, it sounds like they had plenty of time to prep everything. Makes you wonder. Hopefully, shirts will be on sale in Konocti, as well as the CD. Crossing my fingers, saying my prayers. Jon, "can you hear me? I am waiting!"

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Post: # 5578Post mertes
Fri Jul 27, 2001 11:49 am

I read on one of the posts for the Navy Pier concert that they had shirts there for sale and YES WORLD has info on a CD that will be available at concerts in early August. check it out. lots of good info today. Don't forget to submit your questions for the Steve Howe interview. PEACE

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