Stout`s review of Moogfest,NYC, 5/18/04

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Stout`s review of Moogfest,NYC, 5/18/04

Post: # 4244Post Stoutman
Sun May 23, 2004 11:27 am

This had to be one of the best concerts I have ever been to. A concert devoted to 50 years of the moog synthesizer. Bob Moog was the guest of honor, Wakeman/ Emerson were the headliners.
I didnt know what to expectbut when you go in not knowing what to expect, you are taken by surprise. The club, B.B King`s in NYc is aan intimate plcace with tables where you can order dinner. Expensive, but it` was worth it for a night out with friends.
Before the show, one of my friends who used to be a groupie, got us inside during the soundchecks where we actaully met Rick wakeman. You couldnt ask for a more cordial guy. Now of course, my friend and Rick were swapping stories ,and me being ashy guy, I just stood there, taking it in. Im not one of those types to go up to a celebrity and start talking. It`s not my style and Im pretty shy . But I manged to take my friends picture with Rick. So that is as close as i lke to get with a celebrity. What could I say?? Hi, how are you, I`ve enjoyed your music for years' Im sure they have heard it numerous times.
But then later, Keith Emerson and entourage walked in ,and he was by contrast to Rick, abit grumpy looking. Im shot him a wave and he gave me this Clint eastwood stare. I guess he was in a bad mood. Oh, well.
Then alittle later, we were seated and i happened to recognize Ray(Gates) whom I met a couple of years earlier, along with Amy(Roan`s lady) and their guests. Guys, it was nice to meet you two, but Im sorry I couldnt talk more. Maybe another time..
Now on to the concert; you had a wealth of guests from Suzanne Ciani to Stanley Jordan, who was just extroadinary with his guitar synthesizers. One of the highlights of the night for me was this Zappa look-alike who played synthesizer with drum sticks, yet he wasnt touching anything. That was mind blowing.
Rick was a treat,; It was his birthday, Emerson cme out in this gaudy cape and wihed him a Happy Birthday, complete with a knockout of agirl presenting him with a birthday cake. That has to be one of the best gifts a guy can get. Anyway, the crowd sung him Happy Birthday.
Rick was witty, cracking jokes, and when he played his set, excerpts from Six Wives.. the man is still fleet fingered,how the hell does he still do it???I was blown away. Maybe poor health might have taken a toll on him in the past, but it hasnt slowed his abilities down.
Closing out the set was Mr. Emerson and his band, whose mood seemd to improve when basking in the cheers of the audience. Emerson may be pushing 60, but the man gets around like someone thrity years younger, treating us to a set of Rondo, America, and Fanfare for the Common Man. All you were missing was Greg Lake`s voice. The only problem I had was that the sound mix was bit too loud. Another friend of mine, a sound enginerr himself pointed this out and he was right; my ears were hurting. Ahh, pain and pleasure go together.
But it was great show and the only other downside for me was some shithead accusing me of stealing his eat when iit wasnt evn so. Some people are so cuththoat. But hey, I enjoyed the concert and Im sure amy and Ray did too. A different gathering of acts ranging from funk, new wavejazz, rock and new age. Something for everyone..,Chris

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Post: # 69933Post Roan's Lady
Sun May 23, 2004 12:06 pm

Chris, great review, and so nice to meet you too! <img src=pix/icon_smile.gif border=0 align=middle>
How cool that you were present for soundcheck, and got to meet the Birthday Boy!
Keith Emerson was unbelievable - you saw how close I was...I've still got drops of his sweat on my shirt...ahhh!! <img src=pix/icon_smile.gif border=0 align=middle>
If you are so inclined, check out my review of the show in Alternate Tunes. I posted some pics there, too. Quite a memorable evening! <img src=pix/icon_smile_big.gif border=0 align=middle>

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Post: # 69954Post ariceffron
Mon May 24, 2004 2:55 am


what was the eumir deodato performance like??

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Post: # 69960Post qman
Mon May 24, 2004 7:50 am

Amy you lucky lady, my friend Marc from NJ was there in the VIP area speaking with Robert Moog all evening he said the show was just great.
Wish I was there with all of you.

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Post: # 70197Post tardistraveler
Thu May 27, 2004 6:35 am

Yeah, living in close proximity to NYC has its perks!

Thanks for sharing the review - cool that you got to meet Rick!

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Post: # 71402Post Greenglade
Sun Jun 13, 2004 2:03 am

Man, exactly the show I wanted to see. Cool review

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Post: # 71471Post Man On the Moog
Mon Jun 14, 2004 9:52 am

I attended this awesome show too and I posted the following review a couple of weeks ago on Sharing the Groove, a bit torrent site that you can download the show from. (PM me if ya wanna trade for it.) ... genumber=1

I was at this show and was very happy to see this posted! Here's more than a few comments about the show, just from memory, I haven't finished downloading the show yet.

SUZANNE CIANI - she was there to showcase the "Piano Bar", a device Moog invented to convert an acoustic piano into a midi synthesizer controller. Her set was marred by being very quiet and the tune she played was frankly boring.

MAXIMUM GROOVES w/JASON MILES - Played a short funky/jazzy set. Very nice.

JOE GALLIVAN & GRAHAM HAYNES - Played just one tune. Graham played his trumpet through a boatload of effercts while Joe played some kind of an electronic drum thru a minimoog. They made some fairly interesting sound effectss (I certainly wouldn't call them melodies) until suddenly something exploded - I think it was part of the P.A. - which ended his set immediately.

BERNIE WORRELL & DJ LOGIC - Bernie the funk master, as expected, ripped the place up with his playing. His Moog solos weren't nearly as impressive as his fantastic organ playing.

RICK WAKEMAN - After being given a birthday cake by a bodacious babe in a bikini along with Keith Emerson in a cape even more ridiculous than Rick used to wear in his heyday, he couldn't start his set becuase there were some major problems with the oft-malfunctioning loaner korg synthesizer, which may have cut his set short. He improvised by telling a few jokes and eventually they got the synth working in time for him to play a great medley consisting of songs from his first two albums. His Moog solos were superb. He's still playing in top form.

PAMELIA KURSTIN - played a really mellow but beautiful piece on the Theremin and to my surprise she was very warmly received by the crowd.

EUMIR DEODATO w/STEVE MOLITZ - It was great hearing the funked up version of Sprach Zarathustra (Theme from 2001 - A space Oddessey) especially since there was a live horn section. Eumir held down the groove nicely, but Steve Molitz's Moog solo was easily the highlight of the night.

STANLEY JORDAN - I went with a friend who is a guitar player and a huge fan of Stanley's. Even he was disappointed with his set. He used some software he wrote which made us both think he should devote more time to practicing the guitar.

KEITH EMERSON - headlined the show, played an energetic, if slightly sloppy set with his new band, a bunch of hot as shit youngsters that were perhaps more energetic that KE himself. Keith hauled out the huge modular Moog, a Hammond B3 and another synth that was placed so precariously on top of the organ I thought that it would fall at any moment. At one point Bernie Worrell emerged from his just offstage vantage point to adjust the damn thing while Keith was playing. Keith's guitar player was doubling some of Keith's parts in Hoedown and other songs, much to each of their delights. An excellent set overall.

If an event like this happened 30 years ago I imagine it would have been promoted like a prizefight: TONIGHT!! EMERSON vs. WAKEMAN !! KEITH THE KNIFE-THROWING ORGAN WRESTLER vs. MERLIN THE MAGICIAN !!

I thought that Wakeman gave a better performance. Perhaps it was a case of leaving the crowd wanting more, but I thought his playing was more precise, more intricate and tasteful and perhaps even a bit faster than Keith’s. After seeing and hearing boots of live shows by both of them I have to say that Keith has always tended to play sloppier than Rick, but puts a lot more effort into putting on an exciting live spectacle. For example I’ve never once seen Rick leap on his Hammond and stab it with knives

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