Detroit Show at the Sound Board

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Detroit Show at the Sound Board

Post: # 117454Post twinarchers
Wed Feb 24, 2010 4:05 pm

Since the show was at a casino they ended up playing 1 hour 50 minutes which was longer than my friend thought. (He goes there all the time to gamble and casinos are known for shorter programs because they want you to gamble.)
The sound quality was fantastic and maybe the best I have ever heard. Like you are listening to a good sound system at home.
Yes did a great job once again so I have to say next time they tour I will be there. They seemed to play better than they did last summer but that may just be due to the venue sound system. You can really hear Steve fiddling around with the guitar with every nuance there for your ears. David does a good job carrying the torch for Jon but I miss Jon and it just is not the same for me. (no offence to david)
I can see that for now they have to wait for Steve to finish with Asia before they tour anymore this year if at all. While I was there I have to admit I wished I had the meet and greet. Maybe I will justify it next time around. As a side note, I was in full Yes mode with my Relayer tshirt under my black long sleeve (but open so you can see the t-shirt) and my late 1970's brass belt buckle from The Leather Loft that someone offered me $25.00 for. I have seen it at the Yesmuseum web site. Ofcourse I told him no. :cool:

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Re: Detroit Show at the Sound Board

Post: # 117457Post tardistraveler
Wed Feb 24, 2010 7:12 pm

I've got one of those belt buckles too!

I know what you mean about Jon's absence . . . I really miss him . . . :(

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