External Linking FREE!

Every Yes album has great artwork, and some of our members are also very talented. Talk about and showcase YesArt here.
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External Linking FREE!

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Sat Mar 20, 2004 3:28 am

Have problems posting your favourite pictures here? Get host images instead of YOUR picture? Are you sick and tired of red x's??

I've found the solution!! It's called Photobucket.com and it's a TOTALLY FREE image hoster SPECIFICALLY MADE for use with external linking (linking from one server to a file on another). You can create your own directories and upload your own images and can post them with a normal html tag ALL over the internet without getting red x's, images that say things like "Image hosted by TRIPOD" or "Image hosted by ANGELFIRE" and such. I LOVE this website. Got images? Got a minute or two to sign up? Then you're set for external linking @ http://photobucket.com ! xD

Hope I could help some of you guys out with this- Photobucket is really awesome! Here's an example of one of MY images on Photobucket- notice how it WORKS!...
<img src="http://img31.photobucket.com/albums/v92 ... Kjonme.jpg" title="I LOVE PHOTOBUCKET">
See? So good, so good. I'm not trying to advertise for it or anything- remember it is FREE, but I feel so bad seeing people trying to show their pictures from servers that don't allow external linking! I HIGHLY recommend this site for anyone here who's interested in posting images and needs a place that supports external linking. Don't forget- it's FREE! And it WORKS!

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