SPOILERS - Atlanta Show 4/28/04

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SPOILERS - Atlanta Show 4/28/04

Post: # 4140Post tardistraveler
Fri Apr 30, 2004 8:03 am

I've finally gotten my second wind this afternoon, and wrote a review on YesWorld - it isn't showing up yet, so I thought I'd post it here too. Hopefully others will comment on their experience - and I'm curious as to what other YesTalkers besides Nolan and myself attended the show.

So, post here if you went, and tell us what you thought!

Here's my review . . .

This was my 27th Yes show. In many ways, it may have been the best.

Although they all have their charm and magic, this one was special for several reasons . . .

To begin with, this was the first show I have attended with other fans from all over - people like myself with a passion for Yes that I have met on the various fan sites. We had a fantastic "meet and eat" prior to the show at Jocks and Jill's at CNN Center - met people from not only the Atlanta area, but some others like myself who came from Nashville, others from elsewhere in Tennessee, Arkansas, Alabama, Mississippi, South Carolina, Arizona, California, and even Brazil! A wonderful, fun crowd who set the tone for the evening to come.

Secondly, I saw Yes for the first time in 1972, and was in love, never dreaming they would still be playing 32 years later! I treasure each show I get to see, realizing that each may be my last.

And, there was MUCH to love about this show!

Steve Howe was totally rocking! He was animated, choosing different guitars as the music required, switching between them with ease. Many of the songs showcased his rock style wonderfully - Going for the One and Yours Is No Disgrace particularly. It was such fun to see him enjoying the music so much!

The setlist was a super mix of the last 35 years - things they haven't played live before, things they haven't played in a long time, things from all eras of the band, and some of the crowd-pleasing old favorites. I was pleased to see and hear the variety - Yes never seems to just rest on their laurels, but inject something fresh into each show. I'm so happy they are not just trotting out Close to the Edge for the 87th time, as much as I love the album!

I loved Jon's foray into the audience during Rhythm of Love - got the crowd on its feet! And what a crowd it was - SUCH enthusiasm - you could just feel the love directed at the band, and their returning it - back and forth all evening!

And, I also LOVED Jon's day-glo coat he wore after intermission! Where can I get one? LOL

The high point for me, however, was And You and I. During 26 shows, you can imagine I've heard it played a LOT! This was the absolute BEST I have EVER heard them play it! I was moved to tears by the end - so was my friend I was sitting with. They swept me away to a place beyond this world and the tears flowed - tears of beauty and joy.

And they kept flowing during the next song - Ritual - another sublime experience! The pinnacle occurred when Chris took to the tympani, Alan was obsessed like a madman, Jon was banging away - the beauty of the drums accentuated the beauty of life, and I experienced it in its fullness!

By the end of the show I was transported to a state of bliss, and was able to share my feelings with my friends there - we all had huge smiles on our faces! Mine is still here today, and I'm sure I'll maintain my Yes high for quite a while!

A couple of humorous moments too . . .

I loved the guy in about Row 10, Section 1, who did the "interpretive dance" during And You and I - his body flowing with every nuance of the music!

And to end it all, the guy sitting in front of me who was ticked off after the encores that they didn't do Roundabout . . . LOL . . . maybe he went to get beer during the acoustic set? Shame on him!

A wonderful, moving experience. My thanks to all the fans there who are still supporting the band after 35 years, and my deepest, sincere thanks to Yes, for continuing to innovate and perform - may you continue on for as long as it brings you joy to play for us.

We love when you play - 'nuff said.

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Post: # 68686Post inzin
Sat May 01, 2004 1:58 am

I was at the Atlanta show. I could not get to the pre show party. My 18 year old son and I really enjoyed the show. To us the sound was great the band played great. The audience was really into the show. The crowd really went into a fever when Jon was walking through the floor area.
Over all a great experince. High points for me where : The opener a rocking Going for the one. And you and I. Yours is no discrace. and the closer Soon... wow...
You could tell the guys where really into the playing and having a great time. There where lots of smiles on their faces.
A overall great time .. Thanks to the band for the great effort they put in for the Atlanta show.

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Post: # 68692Post HoptownDon
Sat May 01, 2004 6:06 am

Tardis, sorry I didn't see you at "Jocks". I was a GREAT show. I was Row T, Sec #103 (Steve's side). Within seconds of walking into CNN Center, I recognized a Yesswapper from a pic she had sent. Joined her party, & met several other swappers. After the food arrived, had just enough time to get to the show.

Can't say enough about the setlist, the sound (other than Steve's vox mic being a wee bit loud, but I WAS on his side), & the interplay between everyone. Jon in the crowd, sitting next to a new best friend from the next county, and the mindset it all put me in combined for a show that I'm STILL coming down from. Anyone unsure, or swayed by earlier negative reviews, GO! Whatever issues present on previous dates were resolved in Atlanta that night. I hope this show is one preserved & offered as a "soundboard souvenir" by the band. Can't praise this enough.

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Post: # 68695Post tardistraveler
Sat May 01, 2004 8:52 am

Don - I'm SO sorry I missed you at the pre-show - I was there from about 4:30 - 6:30 when we left to go on to the arena and find our seats. Glad you found some friends though, and I'm sure we'll meet up another time!

"Yesswappers"? Sounds a bit kinky to me! <img src=pix/icon_smile_wink.gif border=0 align=middle>

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